Social Media Fatigue

"Why go online?"

Friends are nowhere to be found online? Or perhaps, you may be asking yourself why you should go online.

Based on a recent Gartner study, a lot of people reported logging in to their favorite social media accounts less frequently. This is one of the symptoms of social media fatigue. Read more of this post

Threats to the Online Self

Social media seems to have prompted many individuals to redefine “privacy”. Nowadays, people share more of themselves through self-disclosure in various social media platforms. It’s different offline, though. People are value their privacy more as disclosure is done with only a few, selected people. Read more of this post

One to Many

From a one-to-one correspondence: it used to be a single job per person. It has now become a one-to-many correspondence: a single job is segmented into pieces and distributed among specialists. A development in the world of work fueled by communications technology, we now say hello to The Big Idea: The Age of Hyperspecialization. Read more of this post

Scarcity of Attention

Nowadays, as individuals and organizations have been establishing their presence online, attention has grown more scarce. We’re all too glad that resources are abundant and easily accessible online. Sharing information and connecting with people are inexpensive and convenient as well. But for organizations, these aren’t always desirable as they have to prepare themselves for a competition in which people’s attention is at stake. Read more of this post