Work-Life Balance and Social Media

Work-life balance has been a concern which both employees and employers attempt to address. If the balance between employees’ professional and personal lives are not addressed, this may pose risks to employee and organizational performance as well as employee health and well-being. Read more of this post


Lessons in Offline Communication Which We Bring Online

The online and the offline worlds may be different places where people or brands can communicate with other people. However, the ways in which they can communicate online which has a lot of similarities with those online, seem to be often neglected. These similarities are particularly important in building and maintaining relationships among brands and their consumers.
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Threats to the Online Self

Social media seems to have prompted many individuals to redefine “privacy”. Nowadays, people share more of themselves through self-disclosure in various social media platforms. It’s different offline, though. People are value their privacy more as disclosure is done with only a few, selected people. Read more of this post