Work-Life Balance and Social Media

Work-life balance has been a concern which both employees and employers attempt to address. If the balance between employees’ professional and personal lives are not addressed, this may pose risks to employee and organizational performance as well as employee health and well-being.

Though work and life demands are primarily seen as factors affecting the balance, the bridge between these two aspects of employees lives may also be significant. It is communication through social media which bridges work and life of employees.  This is particularly because e-mail and text messages which are forms of social media are always monitored by employees. Even beyond office hours, they may still called to attend to work-related needs as relayed through e-mail and text messages.

Employees may address this concern by

  1. Using social media to pursue other interests which is part of the life aspect. This may include being active in communities for employees’ hobbies or keeping in touch with acquaintances through SNS.
  2. Logging out or turning off communication devices if possible. This will enable employees to really take a rest from work. And also, they will be able to spend time having face-to-face interaction with other people.
In the quest for work-life balance, social media may not be really a threat. Employees can exercise control over their own use of social media in a way that they can satisfy both their work and life needs.
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About Alyssa B
The Composer, Alyssa Batu, is a senior Organizational Communication student at the University of the Philippines Manila. “What is OrCom all about?” has been the most frequently asked [and answered] question for her since 2008. Three years have passed and she continues to discover answers to that question. Alyssa occasionally procrastinates (‘occasionally’ here is relative, btw :p ) because she either spent too much time with Detective Conan or baking.

One Response to Work-Life Balance and Social Media

  1. arraayes says:

    Hi Alyssa! Nice points but I think that sometimes it does serve as a threat because some people find it hard to distinguish their work from their life.

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