Let Others Do the Talking

In his book The Anatomy of A Buzz Revisited, Emanuel Rosen talks about word-of-mouth (WOM) as a means to market a product. In WOM, it’s not only the brand which work on the generation of a buzz but also its consumers, and other people who do not work for it. Other factors which are crucial in generating and accelerating a buzz include:

  • Experience. Through experience, people are able to develop narratives which they can relate to others. Messages which are crafted based on experience then become powerful which can potentially sway people into “check out the experience” as well.
  • Creative Ideas and Product. There are instances when extra creative and unique marketing ideas that would make a product stand out among its competitors are necessary to have it talked about. But there are also cases when the product itself can generate a buzz.
  • Excitement, Interest, and Relevance. These further increase the likelihood of the generation or acceleration of a buzz. These arethe internal driving forces of people which make them likely to market the product to their peers.

In some cases, a buzz already exists even before the product does. This is particularly of Apple products as fans always wonder on what the company will next offer. The buzz on products which are yet to be released is further accelerated as leaks come out. Apple is well-known for the release of “leaks” about its products which arouse the curiosity of consumers and leave them talking about the leaks in search of more information. The generation of a buzz is not an end in itself; it is also helpful in seeking the reactions of the market to potential products. As a result, a product has already become popular, and has buyers waiting by the time it is released.

Marketing a product is now not solely the task of an organization. The help of its consumers and other people who do not work for the brand can now be enlisted. The challenge for organizations then is how to make people start talking about their products.

Image from http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTcUKZH7zU6DK3O6UAcVRiWOq0xTWuiI9kjuHOP64O_4Hpc5cqxu6iF-CuGvw


About Alyssa B
The Composer, Alyssa Batu, is a senior Organizational Communication student at the University of the Philippines Manila. “What is OrCom all about?” has been the most frequently asked [and answered] question for her since 2008. Three years have passed and she continues to discover answers to that question. Alyssa occasionally procrastinates (‘occasionally’ here is relative, btw :p ) because she either spent too much time with Detective Conan or baking.

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