If I Were to Promote OrCom to High School Juniors Again

Almost a year ago, junior Organizational Communication students, created, and implemented a PR plan to raise awareness of the OrCom program in UP Manila among high school juniors. Most teams highlighted the diverse fields which OrCom graduates can be a part of. These fields include PR, advertising, marketing, foreign service, and corporate communications. What we have missed to mention then is there are also career opportunities in social or digital media for the students, and graduates of OrCom.

The thought of highlighting this is based on the assumption that a job which involves the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, and digital media in general is interesting, and attractive for the high school juniors.

Because organizations also use social media
The youth of today’s generation are quite familiar, and active in the use of various social media platforms. However, their perspective, and use of social media is limited to that of personal purposes. Nowadays, the use of social media is actually extended to professional purposes as organizations, and brands become part of the digital world.
This then implies that there is a career in the use of Facebook, Twitter, and digital media in general.

Organizational communication and social media
Personal use of social media is easy. But it’s professional use is definitely not.
Social media is a tool for organizations, and brands to communicate with their publics. A lot of people may have the knowledge (probably more than OrCom people do) on how to navigate social media platforms. However, creating content for the platforms which is equally, if not more important, is game which OrCom people are into.
The use of social media by organizations, and brands primarily involve communication. There is therefore the need for people who can understand the interplay, and work with organizations, people, communication, and technology.

The BA Organizational Communication degree program is offered at the University of the Philippines Manila. The theory and practice of the field are learned through the courses such as Interpersonal, and Intercultural Communication, Linguistics, Technical Writing, Speech Communication, and Audio-Visual Communication.


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About Alyssa B
The Composer, Alyssa Batu, is a senior Organizational Communication student at the University of the Philippines Manila. “What is OrCom all about?” has been the most frequently asked [and answered] question for her since 2008. Three years have passed and she continues to discover answers to that question. Alyssa occasionally procrastinates (‘occasionally’ here is relative, btw :p ) because she either spent too much time with Detective Conan or baking.

3 Responses to If I Were to Promote OrCom to High School Juniors Again

  1. jaypeesan says:

    I really think your idea just might work. It’s an edsge, it’s clear, it’s simple, and it’s what they are into right now.

    It sure will work on me but I’m in college already 😀

  2. Hi Alyssa! I truly enjoyed our campaign last year. And yes, I agree. Not many high schoolers even know that there is a field in digital and social media. I think that’s one thing that we failed to mention. But if ever they do get into OrCom, it would be a nice surprise now, wouldn’t it?

  3. theorcomdream says:

    Hello Alyssagurl!

    Thank you for giving a new light in the promotion of OrCom…i wish upon a star that the junior OrCom students of UPM will take this into consideration. Hmmm… there is indeed a big future for those who belong to OrCom. 😛

    a bright future in the field of social media!

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