You Can Be the Next Big Star

The internet has catapulted many individuals to becoming celebrities. The online world has contributed to opportunities, and careers for individuals offline. However, it is not only fame that someone online can land on to; there is also fame plus shame. Case in point, the photo of DPWH which became a hit due to its notoriety.

The most striking fact is that nowadays, everyone has an equal opportunity on becoming a celebrity.



Everyone who has photos, videos, and other content posted online can be a celebrity. In actuality, a talent in singing, dancing, or acting is not for everyone. The good news is that online, your ticket to becoming a celebrity is not limited to these. Anything that’s produced with the aid of digital technology such as videos, and pictures (photoshopped they may be), is a potential ticket to fame.


Everyone has an equal opportunity to become an internet celebrity. But no one could exactly tell how to be one.

Selection process

We may say that any content which interests people can be the basis for “judging”. May it be a content which captured the interest of people because of their approval or disapproval of it. The people who chose who becomes the celebrity or internet hit are the ones who are online. The mouse clicks that they make to view, and share content bring a someone closer to celebrity-hood. And this knows no geographical boundaries.

There is, however, no clear formula of how people can be led into the kind of behavior that is bound to make a content viral or an internet hit. Thus making online celebrity-hood unpredictable.

Some internet hits

One of the most recent internet hits is that of Jonathan Mak, a student who made a tribute logo to Steve Jobs. His design became an internet hit perhaps because of timing. And as he has claimed, his logo has “a few elements but a powerful message.” It is also quite interesting that among the other content related to the death of Steve Jobs, it was the one which became a hit. His fame online has already translated to job opportunities offline.

On the other hand, the case of the poorly photoshopped picture of DPWH officials became a hit as it earned the ire of the public.


Celebrity-hood is now just a few clicks away. Becoming a celebrity online can either bring or take away opportunities both in the online and offline world. Thus, users must be very cautious of sharing content online as it is where everything starts.


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About Alyssa B
The Composer, Alyssa Batu, is a senior Organizational Communication student at the University of the Philippines Manila. “What is OrCom all about?” has been the most frequently asked [and answered] question for her since 2008. Three years have passed and she continues to discover answers to that question. Alyssa occasionally procrastinates (‘occasionally’ here is relative, btw :p ) because she either spent too much time with Detective Conan or baking.

6 Responses to You Can Be the Next Big Star

  1. Danna M. says:

    Hi, partner! 🙂

    Many internet celebrities are indeed product of unintentional buzz or attention. They post something online (or sometimes other people posted something about them) and then fame smiles upon them. This reality should make us even more responsible in what we say or share. One can only look at what infamous celebrities suffered from because of mindless use of social media.

    • Alyssa B says:

      Hello, partner! ^_^

      That’s quite true. What we post online may potentially haunt us forever. And of course, we wouldn’t want that. Perhaps what we should always keep in mind with the use of social media is that everything we post may be there forever. Taking the content down is not actually an option. Because it might have already spread through sharing before you even have the time to do so. And people can easily hit that printscreen or download button. So the question is: to share or not to share. 😛

  2. jaypeesan says:

    I think it would be so cool if someone from out batch becomes an online star 😀

    • Alyssa B says:

      Hello, Kuya Jaypee! 🙂

      I agree that that would be pretty cool. But I hope that person would become an online celebrity for a good reason, particularly if it’s because of an OrCom-related work. 😛

      • achijackie says:

        Correct! It will be really sad if one who’s been studying about social media becomes a victim of it. What’s important, at the end of the day, is not popularity but integrity.

  3. Mig Atienza says:

    Too bad my Labadancing didn’t make me an online star. Shame! huhuhu! 😦

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